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Indicator Based Option Bot

Step 1: Go to Options Bot Builder
option bot builder

Step 2: The Technical Trading Indicators can be added on a set-level basis. So in order to get the conditions checked kindly make sure that the option contracts are added in the respective set.

Step 3: For e.g If the trader wants to only buy ATM CE options contract when a condition satisfies based on the indicator then he/she needs to add only that options contract in that particular set.

Step 4: Click on the “Indicators” to add it on the respective set

Step 5: All trading conditions and indicators are applied on the set level instrument/symbol.Please note that entry and exit times are crucial. If the entry time is set to 10:00 AM, the system will only execute trades after this time, even if all conditions are met before.

Step 6: In order to Select the candle interval, please select the timeframe from the dropdown.

Step 7: Define the Entry/Exit Conditions on the basis of the technical Indicators.

Step 8: In order to understand the keywords of Indicators, please refer to this page: Technical Trading Indicators

Note: If you need help to create your indicator based options bot then you can drop us an email at Our team will reach out to you.