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Indicator-based Equity Bot

  • Interval: The bot will check the conditions based on the candle interval selected. The interval ranges from 1m, 3m to 1 Day time frame.

  • Symbols: The bot will check the conditions on the symbols selected from the dropdown. You can select an individual as well as a basket of stocks.

  • Direction: The bot can trade in Long/Short direction as per the trader’s choice. Also, please note that Short positions cannot be created for Positional based equity bots.

  • Entry/Exit Conditions: In order to add the logic for the equity bot, mention the Entry and Exit Conditions. Also, please note that exit conditions can be checked on the basis of indicator based exit or in terms of Target/Stop Loss.

  • Target/Stop Loss: The Exit Condition can be added on the basis of target and stop loss. It can be selected in points/percentage.
    target stop loss

  • Types of Position Sizing:
    -Quantity Based: Define the number of quantities per symbol to be traded.
    quantity based

    -Capital Based (Absolute): Define the capital required per symbol to be traded.
    capital based

    -Capital Based (%): Define the (%) Percentage Allocation per symbol of the overall capital to be traded.
    capital based

    -Risk based: Define the risk in absolute number in order to define the Stop Loss per Trade per symbol to be traded.
    risk based

  • Holding Type: Select Intraday/Positional based holding type as per the trading logic.
    holding type